Riviera Sports Yachts

Clean lines, the bright contemporary interior, the modern materials, the emphasis on easy entertaining, the solid feel and handling together with the spriited performance are among the many qualities that have made these popular. 36 – 60ft

Riviera Sports Yachts

Riviera 4800 Sports Yacht 2016 Model

The impressive new 4800 Sport Yacht will appeal to a wide spectrum of boating enthusiasts given her design and innovation, and most certainly will excite a new generation to enjoy Riviera’s luxury life afloat. Read More >>

Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht

The impressive 5400 Sport Yacht is one of Riviera's most popular boats around the world. This stylish and sophisticated Sport Yacht is inspired by the changing boating lifestyles seen everywhere. Read More >>

Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht

The 6000 Sport Yacht introduces a new world of boating luxury - the ultimate on-water entertainer. Five star luxury and design flexibility are evidence of Riviera's commitment to excellence in boating. Read More >>